Hi there, before you start reading this let me first of all thank you for clicking this particular page. I am happy that you have taken some time from your precious busy schedule or have considered to use your time to read this instead of getting lost into the black hole of Youtube, Prime Video or Netflix. Wondering why I am happy that you clicked this page?

The answer is a simple fact. I initially had a WordPress blog page called Perspective Survival around the year 2016-17. This particular blog was one of my great escape methods to express what I had in mind and heart. Well like all good things come to an end, I lost the access to that particular blog account. Don’t ask me why. The ultimate fact is, I couldn’t retrieve it and I had to finally accept, move on and start a new blog. With some upgraded changes you will see more interesting posts and better works here in the upcoming days.

Perspective Survival blog showcases many of my art works, photography works and literary works. Even if you haven’t visited that blog, I’m happy that you are still reading this. I consider this as a way of you expressing respect to my works in Perspective Survival as well as upcoming posts in this current blog “The World Beyond You (TWBY)”.

You might be able to relate yourself to some of my works in the Perspective Survival blog. Superhumans get the chance to view my works. Are You a Superhuman too? Awesome!

Check out my previous works in:

Photo and Art by DaviEnzioKar©

All Images and Art illustrations posted in Perspective Survival were photographed, drawn and designed by me unless stated otherwise.